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    New! New! New!

    Update: 21 May 2008. Improving your diyparadise products - Part 2.

    6 March 2008. Improving your diyparadise products, Introducing Whitesnake!, Some updates to Jordan, Sophia and Maggie.

    23 November 2007. Monica3!!!!! , Graham and Denise's follow up report on Batts vs PSU and Coral 8SA1 NOS Speaker Kit!

    7th August 2007. All hail Return of the King! (or Queen)

    1st June 2007. USB Monica!, Rudolf Broertjes' SS I/V Gain Stage.

    10th May 2007. Ole Schüsseler shows how to do a Linux based network audio player, Graham and Denise check out Batts vs PSU on their Monica.

    1st May 2007. Sophia Rocks!, Computer Audio is So Much Fun, Computer Audio - Software Side.

    1st January 2007. Squeezzzze Me!, Let's Get Horny!, Building a Hifi System

    3rd December 2006. Calv Acoustic Labs'CDM12 Controller Kit, SMPS at the Store, (Misc section)!

    14th November 2006. ...My USB Convertor..., Double Take Christmas album!

    26th October 2006. Maggie updates and specs, eStore now running! Write a Love Letter and Cloning Monica

    5th October 2006. Music!, Introducing Jordan JXr 6HD, Maggie is ready! and The Beginning of the End of Fullrange Single Driver

    14th August 2006. Proper DIYers forum! DIY Paradise blogs.

    31st July 2006. Introducing Maggie! Coral Speaker Drivers, All the useful Downloads on one page, Reintroducing Mundorf Caps, and Speaker Fetish!

    5th April, 2006. Love Letters, Updates on the GG, I have 2 left thumbs, the "Honey I bought you a Jewellery Box series.

    14th March, 2006. Blood, Sweat, Tears and a Bloody Tan, Grounded Grid Tube Gain Stage Now selling Jordan speaker drivers! What the hell is this Impedance thingie?

    30th Nov, 2005 Promitheus Irons for sale!, Some updates on Charlize page, Monica all dressed up!

    1st Sept, 2005 What's brewing at DIY Paradise...

    July 17th, 2005. Charlize oh Charlize!, Waily goes Flat!

    March 20th, 2005. "Monica 2"! 1545 DAC with Asynchronous Reclocking

    Feb 5th, 2005. Let's try a Class T amp!

    Jan 13th, 2005. CDM12 Controller Kit. Asynch Reclocker for Non-OS DAC.

    Dec 21st, 2004. All you want to know about DAC kits. Now accepting credit card payment for DAC kits and Corals. Nicholas gets the "itch".

    Nov 19th, 2004. Some enclosures for your Coral drivers. Introducing audiohobbyist.com.

    Sept 26th, 2004. How to build a transmitter amp. MEGA SALE!!! New products in updatedpricelist.

    Sept 13th, 2004. You know you are a serious DIYer when.... Now Selling Speaker Drivers

    Sept 4th, 2004. Return of the Darling. How to Convert your PP amp to Triode mode.

    Aug 18th, 2004. Non-OS DAC Full Kits ready for sale! "Let's make a Pledge... ".

    Aug 2nd, 2004. Non-OS DAC Kits!.

    May 22nd, 2004. New Hammond stock. Searching for full range drivers? Look no further --- Odds and Ends.

    May 16th, 2004. Battery Powered DACs. Introducing...The Ultra Compact Club!. Another Rogue!.

    April 25th, 2004. DIYers Meet Up!. Added new part to product line: Mundorf Supreme Silver/Oil. Consignment Sale!.

    March 13th, 2004. Parts Recommendation: Build your own Stepped Attenuator. More Simple 5687 preamps.

    Jan 20th, 2004. How to "Screw Around" Your Tube Load Line. How to replace the laser pick-up assembly of your CD player. 8X TDA1543 DAC..

    Dec 2nd, 2003. Etude "12B4" Preamp Build your own Macho CDP. NOS PICS. A Tale of 2 Trans.

    Sept 22nd, 2003. More Hammond stock! Build your own El Cheapo Power Supply.

    August 2nd, 2003. You need beta blockers. Your power trans needs DaBlok. It's a Mod Mod Mod Mod World. Variation of the Same Theme.

    July 15th, 2003. I tried the Kwak clock. Weakest Link. A "diyparadise" rogue!

    June 12th, 2003. Uh oh! Major screw up. New Hammond stock arrived but I missed out some items and Hammond missed out some items as well. We both screwed up, so it's a MAJOR you-know-what. Have a look at Hammond page and tell me if there's something else you need that's not there. Better do it right this time. Thousand apologies.

    May 27, 2003. Check out this rogue! AnotherSimple 5687. Updates to the Simple EL84. I built anotherSE amp.

    May 3, 2003. Moving Sale!!! If you haven't built the Simple 5687 preamp, what are you waiting for? Here's some inspiration. I built, tested and improved the Simple EL84 int/power amp! Chokes in C Major!

    March 30, 2003. Another rogue! Add some grunt to your system: Building your own Power Supply. Parts recommendation: Fostex Super Tweeter!.New rants column...

    Feb 22, 2003. Non-oversampling DAC for RM20! A DIY Paradise exclusive:Comparing various electrolytic capacitors.

    Feb 9, 2003. Ha! Ego Check Web Counter starts operation! New articles in Learn, Learn, Learn. More Rogues (5842-2A3 SE as well!). FAQ to preamp tutorial page.

    Jan 9, 2003. How to build your own tube preamp. Another cheap CD player tweak! More 5687 and 6X4! Smoking!

    Nov 16, 2002. MEGA update. New articles. New projects. Rogue's Gallery.Feedback page. Wow!

    Oct 6, 2002. Updated price list with new Hammond and JJ stuffs!

    Sept 29, 2002. Hammond iron has arrived!

    Sept 8, 2002. More projects!

    Aug 22, 2002 One page pricelist lists everything I sell. Some new items there as well.

    Aug 2, 2002 New article in Learn, learn, learn, It's Hammer Time!

    July 19, 2002 Sanyo OS-CON

    June 16, 2002 Music!   NOS tubes!    More NOS tubes!   Sprague, Illinois, FT, silver mica under Misc.

    May 23, 2002 Auricaps have arrived!