DIY Paradise
is proud to present you
Jordan Fullrange Single Drivers



DIY Paradise is pleased to have acquired Jordan distributorship for Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

JX92 Full Range from 40Hz to 20kHz!

Full specs here!


Just for fun, we put in the JX92 into our Hedlund Horn. Man, this driver can seriously do bass! The bass was rattling our ceiling!

Price per pair.
Malaysian Ringgit 1250 (free shipping).
Singapore Dollar 550 (+SGD50 freight).
Thailand Baht 13200 (+THB1300 freight).


October 2006 Update! Jordan JXr 6HD is here as well!

The widest bandwidth 2 inche driver ever made! 70-30kHz! (talk about great mileage!)

Utilizing a wonderful technique, you adjust the bass frequency by varying the volume of the enclosure. The larger the volume, the lower the bass.

They are best suited to sealed boxes ranging from 1 litre to 3.8 litres for each driver. The larger the volume, the lower the Fo of the driver. For example:  

1 litre = Fo of  150Hz  to 160 Hz depending on box shape and design
4 litres  = Fo of  100Hz  to 110 Hz depending on box shape  

The JXr 6HD is an advanced audio driver with a single mechanical suspension. This concept allows system designers to vary the operating frequency (Fo) of the driver without the use of a crossover. We strongly recommend the use of sealed box designs which allow the driver to make use of the air volume to act as a damping force to control the lower frequency response. Since the design has no secondary damping mechanism, it can be overdriven more easily than conventional drivers. If drivers are subjected to extreme low (below 100Hz)at higher power levels can result in excessive oscillation risking damage to the coil assembly. The Warranty  WILL be  void if damage to the coil assembly is found while investigating a claim.

Full specs here.

Price per pair.
Malaysian Ringgit 920 (free shipping).
Singapore Dollar 410 (+SGD25 freight).
Thailand Baht 9750 (+THB550 freight).


I built my JXr 6HD tower!